How do I start a team?
We’d love to say it’s as simple as finding 6 friends and going for it, but… there are some administrative tasks that must be done to ensure your team is correctly registered for the right challenge, in the right region, and at the right competition level. But to make it all as smooth as possible, we have developed a comprehensive yet simple list to follow. You can check that out on our START A TEAM page!
What region will we compete in?
If you are joining a school district or club that’s already involved in Destination Imagination, chances are they are already affiliated with a region, and we would be more than happy to keep you all in the same region (even if the borders have since been redrawn). In general, our regional borders fall on county lines, and this page will be updated with a map soon. If your district or club falls on a county/region border, please reach out to us at to see where your team would best be served. Our goal is to ensure all teams have an equal field when competing at the regional level, and for this region you may not compete in the nearest geographical regional tournament.
I have a question, who can I ask?
If your question is about the challenge… Destination Imagination uses a Clarifications process to allow teams to ask questions about their challenges. These questions go directly to the International Challenge Masters for their challenge, and they are directly answered by them as well. Most questions that teams ask will fall into this category. Caution – Teams are limited to asking 10 clarifications to the International Challenge Masters in any given challenge year. Reminder: All Team Clarifications must be submitted by February 15th. Click here to submit a team clarification.
If your question is about the tournament… Questions regarding tournament processes and procedures, specific tournament site restrictions and expectations, and tournament day information can be directed to both your Regional Director and Regional Challenge Master (for the Affiliate Tournament, please reach out to the Affiliate Tournament Director, or your Affiliate Challenge Master). They will work together to ensure you get the appropriate answer from the proper individual. If your answer is outside of their scope, they may direct you to submit a clarification to the International Challenge Masters. This information can be found at our Meet Our Team Page.
How can I support WIDI?
That’s totally awesome! This program is powered by volunteers of all types. There are so many volunteer opportunities available – you can head over to our Volunteer Opportunities page for a more complete listing. If you have a special skill set or other idea for how you can contribute to Wisconsin Destination Imagination, please contact us!
I've signed up to be a volunteer, now what?
If you don’t hear anything right away, don’t worry! Appraiser registrations come in over the course of about a 3-4 month window. The regional staff are working together to build the best appraisal teams it can during that time. You should hear from your Regional Challenge Master at least 2-3 weeks prior to the tournament date with details as to when and where you need to be, and any additional or challenge specific training or updates that have come out. By December of 2018, we hope to have our general Appraiser Training available to view as time permits. If you havn’t heard from anyone within 2 weeks of your tournament date, please email the Regional Director for the tournament you wish to appraise at and they will follow-up with you.
My child is competing, can I still volunteer?
ABSOLUTELY! But… Please make sure that when you register as an appraiser, you must disclose which team/challenge/level your child(ren) participate in. Wisconsin Destination Imagination has a policy that outlines which areas and roles a parent can participate in to ensure there is no favoritism, either actual or perceived.
I would like to start a team, but don't know where to start. Who can help me?
Don’t worry! We have a lot of different resources and people who can help you get on your feet and solving the challenges!

If your school is already involved in Destination Imagination… then your School Coordinator is your first stop. If you need help identifying this individual, please reach out to your regions Regional Director for assistance.

If your school is not yet involved in Destination Imagination… then reach out to They can help identify which region you will compete in, as well as have some great resources to get you moving along in no time at all.

Remember – you are not required to affiliate with a school district. Teams can compete as independent. If you would like more information regarding this option, please reach out to our Affiliate Director.
How do I register my team for the regional tournament?
Check out the 'Start a Team Page' located at this link. If you still have questions, please contact!
Where can I find practice Instant Challenges?
My team is advancing to the affiliate tournament. What do I have to do?
Register your team for the affiliate tournament here. There you will be asked to pay the $100.00 tournament fee. Register right away so that you avoid a $25.00 late fee.
I want to reserve hotel rooms. What are my options?
The University of Wisconsin – Green Bay has reserved blocks of rooms at a few of the hotels in the area. These are available as we get close to the affiliate tournament. The link to these blocks will be on our WIDI website. If you wish to book rooms on your own, you can do that at any time. We are excited that our new venue is in a location where there are a lot of rooms available, so we won’t run out!
What do I need to make sure I bring to the tournament?
  • Clothing – Your team members should wear their regional t-shirts at the affiliate tournament.
  • Challenge – Bring all of your costumes, props, scenery and a “repair kit” in the event something needs to be fixed after making the trip to UWGB.
  • Paperwork – Bring 5 completed copies of the challenge Tournament Data Form, 1 copy of the Expense Form, and 2 completed copies of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Food – Arrange for snacks and hydration along with lunch (brought in or purchased on site). The University of Wisconsin – Green Bay has many food options for purchase.
What costs can my team members expect?
  • Food – snacks and lunch and hydration are very important. There are a variety of places to eat on campus that are VERY reasonable and support almost all dietary needs. If your team chooses to, they may bring snacks and water with them. These may be consumed in designated areas, and stored in a vehicle.
  • Affiliate team registration - $100 per team is required at that time you register your team for the affiliate tournament. This fee covers the cost of the facility rental, trophies and medals, challenge supplies and general costs to complete a successful tournament.
  • Transportation – Gas used to get to and back from the tournament at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay.
  • Housing – If your team would like to come to Green Bay on Friday, hotel costs would apply.
  • Incidental – The Expo experience is free to all attendees (team members, family, friends). Merchandise purchases are a cost to the team member and/or the family.
What’s the schedule and what do we do during the day?
Before the tournament, you will have the schedule of your central challenge and your instant challenge. The rest of the day can be spent in the Expo, watching the “Challenge Extreme”, enjoying the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay campus, eating, playing games or burning off some energy in the “Turf Room”. The Closing Ceremony is the culmination of the exciting Wisconsin Affiliate Tournament day!