Appraiser Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years or older to perform a scoring role.
  • High school students may appraise in non-scoring roles.
  • Must participate in an online Appraiser Training to be certified to appraise or officiate.
  • In order to Appraise at the Affiliate Tournament, you must have already been an appraiser at a Regional Tournament or attend an official WIDI Training.
  • Appraisers MUST register at the link above to be officially considered. You will NOT be assigned an Appraiser role if you do not register on this website!
  • In order to Appraise at the Affiliate Tournament, you must have already been an appraiser at a Regional Tournament or attend an official WIDI Training.
    Appraisers must make a full day commitment to ensure transparent and fair scoring at each Challenge site. Challenge sites typically run from 7AM to 4PM at the latest.
  • Questions? Please contact

Appraiser/Official Registration Form

Any questions or issues regarding Appraising or Volunteering should be directed towards the Tournament Officials of the Tournament you are Appraising or Volunteering for. Please use the contact form below to find the correct contact. If you need general help, email and a Wisconsin DI Staff member will be happy to assist.

Registration Steps:

  1. All volunteers and Appraisers must have a user account to submit their registration. If you do not have an account, create one before you begin.
  2. All volunteers and Appraisers MUST accept the Code of Conduct and Insurance Waiver that will display when you begin your registration.
  3. If you are registering as a team’s mandatory appraiser/volunteer, make sure you have the team number (an eight digit number in the format 148-xxxxx), and tournament date. (If your name and email address was submitted when the team was registered, you should have been or will be contacted with pertinent information. You do still need to register as an Appraiser or Volunteer.)
  4. If you are registering as an independent appraiser/volunteer, check the Events page to determine the date and place of the tournament(s) that you would like to officiate at. If you are interested in volunteering at the Affiliate Tournament, check the appropriate box during registration.
  5. Review the brief description of this year’s challenges and decide which one you would like to work on. 2017-18 Challenge Previews
  6. Determine if you want to serve as a Volunteer or Appraiser, and which role you would like to serve, and then login and register!

Appraiser Training Materials

Registration is required to view/listen to the training webinars below. You must select a tournament date to appraise at even though it is for Colorado DI. This won’t impact the training or confuse the folks in Colorado as to why people from Wisconsin were signing up for their tournaments. Please disregard the ‘Tournament Locations’ field as this pertains to Colorado Appraisers only.

Volunteer Information:

  • Volunteer positions at the tournament can be set-up the evening before the tournament, part of the tournament day, or most of the day.
  • This is a very fun way to give back to Destination Imagination, use your down time during your team member’s team challenge and to learn a new piece about DI.
  • Positions include merchandise sales, room supervision, game teaching and supervising, providing information or directions, and so much more!
  • When you select “Volunteer Registration”, you will see the openings, the time involvement and a brief description of your role.  Physical activity (stairs, walking, no sitting, chair provided) are also indicated.
  • Volunteers that work greater than 4 hours receive a lunch voucher as our thanks for your time.
  • Questions? Please contact