Affiliate Tournament

Welcome to the Wisconsin DI Affiliate Tournament!

The Wisconsin Affiliate Tournament is the ultimate culmination of Creativity and Problem Solving in the state of Wisconsin. Each year, over 300 of the best Destination Imagination Teams from around Wisconsin come together to display their best Challenge solutions and teamwork. The Affiliate Tournament also offers other programming, such as a Creativity and Innovation Expo that showcases other groups and organizations which share the same ideals that Destination Imagination does.

Affiliate Tournament Results-

WIDI Affiliate Tournament Final Scores

Affiliate Tournament Schedule-

Wisconsin DI Affiliate Tournament 2015 Final Schedule

Affiliate Team Information-

If your team has earned the honor of advancing to the Affiliate Tournament, congratulations! Below you will find all of the information that you need to prepare for Tournament Day.

Step 1: Register your Team. 

Please note that each Participant must have an Event Liability Waiver filled out ASAP to participate in the Affiliate Tournament. For your convenience, all liability forms can be filled out online through the Registration system this year; however, paper forms are still available should you choose to use them:

Under 18 Participant Liability Waiver

Over 18 Participant Liability Waiver

Step 2: Affiliate Tournament Resources- Below you will find all of the resources necessary for your Team’s preparation for the Affiliate Tournament. Please make sure to review all of these documents thoroughly so that your Team has all pertinent information.

2016 Affiliate Tournament Welcome Letter

2015 Destination Imagination Travel Guide For Teams

WIDI Affiliate Tournament Poster 2015

Creativity Expo 2015 Flyer

WIDI Affiliate Pins 2015 – All Wisconsin Affiliate (Global Finals) Pins will be available for sale in the Merchandise Area at the Tournament. Global Final Pins will also be available for sale after the Tournament on the WIDI Online Store.

Challenge Site Information- Below your Team can find the Challenge Site maps and logistical information for their respective Challenge. Familiarizing your Team with the building they will be performing in ahead of the Tournament will ease the stress of Tournament Day. Please note that some Challenges have changed buildings this year.

AT 2015 A-Technical Challenge Site Info and Logistics

AT 2015 B-Scientific Challenge Site Info and Logistics

AT 2015 C- Fine Arts Challenge Site Info and Logistics

AT 2015 D- Improvisational Challenge Site Info and Logistics

AT 2015 E- Structural Challenge Site Info and Logistics

AT 2015 PO/RS- Service Learning Challenge Site Info and Logistics

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